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Another trip down memory lane.......

Tunes that remind me of Creation nights at the Sheffield City Hall and Nelson Mandela Building with Hooligan X on MC - Rockin on down to the number one sound, on the underground, in the number one place with the number one bass nah nah......and were rockin up the place.....



01/ DJ's rule - Get into the music

02/ M1 - Feel the drums

03/ Dave Morel - Let's groove

04/ Neal Howard - Indulge

05/ Richie Rich - You used to salsa

06/ Mr Fingers - Can you feel it

07/ React to Rhythm - Intoxication

08/ Cybersonic

09/ Nexus 21 - Together

10/ Laurent X - Machines

11/ SL2 - The Noise

12/ Altern 8 with Plez - Can't Stop

13/ Anticapella

14/ Carl Cox - I want you

15/ G&V Jay - I'm gonna get the boy

16/ Frankie Knuckles - Your love

17/ Love Decade - When the morning comes.


Giles x

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