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Some real classics in this months mix; and for the old ravers out there, some great memories! Starting with the sweet sweet sounds of BBG's Snappiness, the vibe continues with Fidelfatti and Mantronix before hitting the unmistakable sounds of the classic that is Weatherhall's mix of Saint Etienne's only love can break your heart (if you close your eyes and let your mind drift back 20 years you can probably just about still see that sunset whilst sat outside Cafe Del Mar)! The classic house tunes continue in that sweet mellow vain until we reach the dark sounds of Cyclone and a place called bliss. Next comes another all time "massive" tune with Impedance's tainted love before falling back into the lighter sounds of Shawn Christopher, and Shay Jones', are you gonna be there? The legend that is Joey Negro follows with one of his earliest remix productions with direct me. The tempo comes down a few notches with the the classic 1990's tune that is a man called Adam. The mix completes with two of my all time favourite tunes that bring with them fantastic memories of Cuba Night at Kiki's in Sheffield; first is Pleasure with Please before ending quite pleasurably with Carly Simon's Why?

Such memories, and such fantastic tunes make you feel so lucky to have grown up through the whole house scene!


01/ BBG - Snappiness

02/ Fidelfatti - Just wanna touch me

03/ Mantronix - Got to have your love

04/ Saint Etienne - Only love can break your heart

05/ Orchestra JB - Free spirit

06/ Rickster - Nightmoves

07/ Kate B - Free

08/ Davina - Don't you want it

09/ Cyclone - A place called bliss

10/ Impedance - Tainted love

11/ Shawn Christopher - Another sleepless night

12/ Shay Jones - Are you gonna be there

13/ Reese Project - Direct me

14/ A man called Adam - Barefoot in the head

15/ Pleasure - Please

16/ Carly Simon - Why


Giles x

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