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Hopefully with the freezing times behind us, this months compilation is "optimistically" put together with spring in mind. Track one starts with the 'jackin' sounds of Mathew Brandy's exciting preservation EP before moving towards the cool and chic sounds of Nathan G and Karol XVII. Vocal excitation follows with the likes of Franco Del Mulero's "I'm Lost" (expected to be massive in Ibiza 2010) before moving into a re-edited classic of Jamie Lewis' "Give me" before ending with one of my all time favourites, Swing 52's, Color of my skin.

So sit back and enjoy, this will quite nicely sit being played in the car, on your ipod or in the garden during a summer BBQ!


01/ Mathew Brandy - Preservation EP

02/ Nathan G - Melbourne Shuffle EP (88 keys to love)

03/ Karol XVII - Organized notes

04/ Vernon & Dacosta - As darkness falls

05/ Shur-I-Kan - Ultimate besides

06/ Nightrhymes - Keep on pushing

07/ Souldynamic - Body music

08/ Franco Del Mulero - I'm lost!

09/ Daltonic - Kiss of rain

10/ The funk ensemble - Afrodisco

11/ Jamie Lewis - Give me

12/ Physics - Viva L'Amore

13/ Soulstar - Take me

14/ Swing 52 - The color of my skin


Giles x

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