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Old Skool Breakdance

Something very different this month……
For all of you that can remember the breakdance era of the early 80’s this months compilation is a mash up of the fantastic sounds of Newcleus Jam on Revenge, Cybotron’s Techno City (later used by The Music Maker at Occasions), Grandmaster, Roxanne Shante, Herbie Hancock and Man Parish to name but a few.
As a Sheffield boy, these tunes remind me of being a 11 year old kid growing up in Shiregreen with my Adidas tracksuit and Adidas Davis or Hi Tec Tecs and watching the legendary Smac 19 on the Fiesta (next to Roxy’s) most Saturdays. Also watching Electro Force in challenges against Scratch Mix or sometimes havin a go myself in our crew of Crucial Force, the memories……but one of the memories that sticks out more than most is the cinema in Sheffield erupting with the showing of “Beatstreet” when just about everyone was dancing in the aisles at the end of the film…….

So for all of you that were lucky enough to remember and experience that era, sit back and enjoy. If you don't remember, well, just enjoy it anyway...This was what started my love for dance music………

Giles Rossi

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